Box office: ‘Black Adam’ stays on top this quiet weekend

“Black Adam” remains at the top of the power hierarchy at the box office. It appears that Warner Bros. It will take first place on the domestic charts again in its third weekend, staying on top of the new “One Piece Film: Red” release.

The DC movie earned an additional $4.7 million on Friday, down 37% from its numbers one week earlier. Black Adam, which has not faced much competition since its October release, is expected to get a good grip, expanding the gross domestic product to over $120 million. It will be the final run for the Dwayne Johnson movie to rule the box office, as Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to have a massive opening next weekend.

While Crunchyroll’s “One Piece Film: Red” won’t draw enough viewers to get rid of Black Adam, the musical anime appears to be No. 2 on the local charts. The film earned nearly $4.8 million from 2,367 locations via Friday and Thursday previews. “Red” also benefits from the increased ticket prices that come with playing at many of the country’s premium format halls, such as Imax and Dolby Cinemas.

Industry estimates projected an opening in the top single-digit millions for One Piece Film: Red, though the film’s debut now has the potential to cross $10 million. That would be a commendable performance at the box office for this year’s anime, following the August debut of Crunchyroll’s “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” with $21 million and Funimation’s $18 million opening of “Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie” in March. .

Theatrical success remains uncertain for nearly any movie without a comic book hero these days, but the anime has solidified itself as a relatively reliable North American theater performer, with franchises carrying a devoted enough following of solid support – if it’s loaded up front in many Frequently – box office shows. Ticket buyers for One Piece Film: Red were so excited, that the film received an “A” grade by research firm Cinema Score.

as such diverse Senior film critic Peter Debruge points out in his review that the anime feature will prove difficult to understand for those new to the series, but is sure to please believers. “One Piece Film: Red” is the fifteenth feature film of one of the world’s most popular media properties, which includes the long-running original manga series, as well as over 1,000 TV episodes, several video games and even a trading card game. This feature is already the ninth highest release in Japan’s box office history.

Universal’s “Ticket to Heaven” appears to be landing at number three. The rom-com is expected to earn $8 million in its third weekend, a marked 18% decrease from its previous descent. Julia Roberts George Clooney was already a witch for some time abroad, earning $88 million from international audiences. Now the popular ones are translated in the United States. The film should expand gross domestic product to $46 million this weekend.

The movie “Smile” is expected to take fourth place. Even with Halloween in the rearview mirror and the spooky season winding down, Paramount’s horror movie continues to show some staying power. The film should expand its North American gross to $98.9 million this weekend — just inches away from becoming the 15th domestic release to cross $100 million in 2022.

The Lionsgate version of “Prey for the Devil” should be a top five on your sophomore outing. The film anticipates a $3.5 million weekend, which would bring its domestic sales volume to $13.26 million.

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