Minnesota Vikings 20, Washington Commanders 17: Minnesota does it again

A big early result, a long period of time where the offense seems to have grown, and an angry comeback at the end?

yes. . It was another Sunday for Minnesota Vikings football.

After trailing 17-7 in the fourth quarter, the Vikings slipped 13 unanswered, with Greg Joseph’s 28-yard goal remaining seconds on the winning side in the Minnesota 20-17 win over the Washington Leaders.

Minnesota grabbed the opening game kick and marched onto the field with first possession, turning a pair of key third defeats, including a 19-yard pass to newly acquired T.J. Hockenson to put the Vikings close to the midfield. The trip concluded with a first catch of Justin Jefferson since week one, as Kirk Cousins ​​found him from nine yards to give the Vikings an early 7-0 lead.

After the teams spent plenty of time exchanging kicks, the leaders finally made it to the plate with less than a minute left in the half, as Joey Sly made contact in a 44-yard field goal attempt to make it 7-3 in favor of the Vikings. Minnesota got themselves into range at the end of the game, but Kirk Cousins’ throw in the end zone was intercepted by Danny Johnson to send it into the locker room 7-3.

It didn’t take long for Washington to reach the board in the second half, as Taylor Hynek threw a ball into the middle of three Vikings defenders that, somehow, ended up in the hands of Curtis Samuel for a 49-yard drop. The play was assisted by an official who directed Camryn Bynum when he appeared ready to intercept the pass. Regardless, it was less than 10-7 minutes into the third quarter.

Washington then consolidated its lead early in the fourth quarter, thanks to a 6-yard touchdown pass from Taylor Hynek to Dax Millen to make it 17-7 twice in the frame.

On the next drive, it looked like the Vikings might stop again, but Kirk Cousins ​​found Justin Jefferson to play big to Washington’s 12-yard line. Their cousins ​​were injured in the play but only missed once.

That resulted in a 25-yard field goal from Greg Joseph to cut the difference to a one-point game at 17-10 with less than 11 minutes left in regulation. Then, when the Vikings needed a big play, they got one of a man who made his career out of doing it.

Harrison Smith’s fourth interception of the year gave the Vikings the ball at Washington’s 12-yard line, and it led to a fantastic celebration.

Two plays later, Cousins ​​found Dalvin Cook on a 12-yard touchdown pass to tie things up at 17-17 with less than eight minutes left on the regulation.

After forcing the Vikings to score three goals, the Vikings came down to the 4-yard Washington line and appeared to allow Greg Joseph to kick a 22-yard field goal to take the lead. . . But Washington was called in for a wrong personal penalty in the goal attempt to give Minnesota a first and a goal from the 2-yard line. Washington only had one timeout remaining, so the Vikings ran out as much time as possible and then had Joseph kick the field goal from 26 yards to give the Vikings their sixth straight victory.

The win leads the Vikings to 7-1 on the season, and they take home a big win next week when they travel to western New York to face the Buffalo Bills. The loss ends Washington’s three-game winning streak, dropping them to 4-5 as they head into a game against the Philadelphia Eagles next week.

Minnesota wins its sixth in a row in another ground game, outsmarting the Washington leaders by 20-17. Thanks to all who got their coverage of this week’s game here at The Daily Norseman!

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