What we’ve learned as Dubs falls into the hands of kings, and is still unsuccessful down the road

Sacramento – The Warriors’ steady start was nothing more than deception and frustrating mirage Sunday night in their 122-115 loss to the Sacramento Kings at the Golden 1 Center.

In what seemed like a home game at times, the Warriors were on their feet in the first quarter. For good reason, too, they went into the second quarter with a 39-26 lead, shooting more than 60 percent from the field and better than 54 percent from outside the arc. Everything flipped starting in the second quarter.

Steve Curry couldn’t give the Warriors a third of 40 straight points performance, dropping 27 points in a loss. Andrew Wiggins was right behind him with 26 points, and Klay Thompson gave Golden State 17. He still has just one game from 20 points this season.

Metamorphoses were the story of the warriors’ loss. They entered the night with an average of 15.8 turns per game, the sixth worst in the NBA. In the loss, the Warriors handed 18 spins to the Kings, resulting in 26 points.

This was the game, that simple.

Here are three notes from the loss that dropped the Warriors to 5-8 on the season and 0-7 on the road.

The second quarter of oblivion

Whether it’s seconds or minutes, the Warriors are an entirely different team with Steph sitting on the bench. He was sidelined for four minutes in the second quarter, and that was enough for the Warriors to lose a 15-point lead and fall two minutes behind at the end of the first half.

In that ugly second quarter, the Warriors’ early season issues surfaced. They missed the Kings eight times, resulting in 11 free throws and eight Sacramento points in the charity strip. Turning the ball eight times certainly doesn’t help either.

Although the Warriors made seven of their nine shots in the quarter, they settled on attempts from downtown often early in the shot clock. And those shots did not fall. As a team, the Warriors went 2-for-10 on 3 points during the second quarter crash.

Instead of catching the ball at the last shot of the inning, Thompson took a step back three times with eight seconds left. Fortunately for him and the warriors, Andrew Wiggins flew in order to submerge his left hand.

But the transformations never stopped, and the Kings were the smartest team for four quarters.

It’s hot

Two nights after scoring 18 points by four three-pointers, Jordan Paul showed more signs of the sixth man turning into the corner. He didn’t need any additional quirks. He didn’t have to feature all the dazzling matches in his game.

Paul was aggressive and decisive. This made all the difference in the world. So did a change in Steve Kerr’s turnover.

In the second straight game when Paul first came off the bench, quarterback Kevin Looney replaced Klay Thompson. What might seem like a small modification, literally and figuratively, produced big results. Poole consistently started slowly in the first quarter. Not this time.

He played six minutes in the first frame, Paul scored nine points. He went 3 vs 5 off the field to open the game, making 2 out of 3 throws. Steve was also elated.

In all, Paul played 20 minutes and again scored 18 points. The downside was his four transformations, and the fact that Kerr couldn’t trust his defense when it mattered most.

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Therese Halliburton is a topic of discussion for both royalty and warrior lovers. Part of the Dub Nation wishes the warriors had forged a skilled combo guard. Part of Kings fans wish he hadn’t been traded to the Indiana Pacers.

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Domantas Sabonis showed why the kings wanted him to confront the warriors.

He was nothing short of dominant versus the defending champion. Sabonis scored 26 points, 10 for 17 as the shooter. His bounce was more eye-opening.

The Kings came in with 45 rebounds, twice more than the Warriors. Sabonis was responsible for nearly half of these. The big guy grabbed 22 rebounds, including six offensive glass rebounds. He also had a hat-trick with eight assists.

Kerr and the rest of the Warriors coaching staff will be looking for the positive. The fact that they have to watch Sabonis again this season may be the biggest of the night.

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