Blackpink’s Born Pink tour opens in Seoul with surprise shows, unreleased track

Global Stars Blackpink The Born Pink World Tour kicked off Saturday at the group’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. The girls are back at the KSPO Dome, the same place where their first ever “In Your Area” tour opened.

That was four years ago, when the venue was still called Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, and the tour concluded in late February 2020, before Covid-19 lockdowns began around the world. Since then, the girls have risen to a higher level in stardom: with albumThe group’s documentary on Netflix Blackpink: light up the skyand the live broadcast of “The Show” in 2020.

The group began the show with “How You Like That” and “Pretty Savage,” wearing custom ivory outfits with Asian-inspired silhouettes and prints. “It feels weird to be performing in front of Blinks after so long. I feel so nervous, emotional and excited,” Rosé shared.

Blackpink is back with their second full-length album I was born with you In September, now with Covid-19 restrictions lifted in South Korea, fans traveled from abroad for the much-anticipated show. The track list included six of the eight newly released songs, the first time some tracks had been performed in front of an audience.

The KSPO Dome was flooded early in the day with fans eager to check out the merchandise tents and brand activations in progress. Vendors sold everything from Korean street food to binoculars so fans could get a better glimpse.

“It has been a long time since we performed in front of so many Blinks. I am so happy to see not only our Korean flashes but also flashes from abroad,” Lisa said tearfully. “It is very helpful to start our tour in Seoul. Jisoo added, “We made some mistakes out of nerves four years ago, but I hope you had fun.”

Halfway through the show, Jenny introduced the group’s live band, and the rest of the show had new drum beats and guitar jacks to add to the concert atmosphere. Jenny shared that preparing for the Born Pink World Tour was one of her most active experiences, but “seeing all the flashes before her eyes makes it all worth it.” Everyone was singing and waving Blackpink lights in sync with the entire show.

As expected, Blackpink put on a great show with a few surprises up their sleeves, showing off the girls’ efforts in the stages of their solo performances. Jisoo performed on the cover of Camila Cabello’s “Liar”, completing her dance break routine perfectly.

Instead of performing the hit song “Solo,” Jennie chose to perform an unreleased song reminiscent of her recent demo dance video for the Tamburins. “I wanted to show you something new, you might be a little surprised,” she said with a smile.

Rosie performed her newly released single “It’s Hard to Love” before switching the tempo to “On the Ground,” and Lisa turned up the heat with her column dance routine for her solo performance. “I watched her practice her pole dancing through the pain. Jenny said of Lisa it’s a lot harder than it looks.

At the end of the show, there was a set-up event where the entire venue resonated with fans singing verses from “Forever Young”. Compared to the group’s first run, Saturday’s show looked noticeably more packed than the last thanks to their expanded discography.

Saturday’s concert will be followed by another night in Seoul before the girls head off to the states in two weeks. Blackpink is currently scheduled to star in 42 shows in total, concluding the journey in June 2023.

Blackpink group list:

“How do you like it?”
“Brutally beautiful”
“I don’t know what to do
“Lovesick Girls”
“Kill this love”
“crazy over you”
“playing with fire”
“pink poison”
Cover of “Liar” by Camila Cabello (Jisoo solo stage)
[Unreleased track] (Jenny’s solo stage)
“Difficult to Love” (Rosé Solo Theatre)
“On the Floor” (Rosé Solo Theatre)
“Sleep” (individual sleep phase)
“Money” (Lisa’s solo)
“Typa girl”
“Ddu-du Ddu-du”
“forever young”
Bombay (Encore)
“Yes, yes, yes” (appearance)
“As if it were the last” (Encore)

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