Florence Pugh said she was “absolutely in love” with Olivia Wilde in 2019 and that only makes the rumors even sadder

Earlier this month, speculation erupted that Florence Poe and Olivia Wilde were working together do not worry my love It came to a head when the entire cast came together at the film’s highly embarrassing premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

The uncomfortable event seemed to fully confirm the mounting rumors, as Florence conspicuously avoided Olivia all night after choosing not to attend a joint press conference earlier that day.

But to understand the nuances of the starlets’ behavior at the premiere, we need to go back to February 2021 – when the first indication that all was not well between the two women surfaced.

This is at work do not worry my love Wrapped, and Florence – who plays main character Alice – paid tribute to the various crew members from filming in a lengthy Instagram caption where she shared a selection of behind-the-scenes photos.

Fans soon noticed that the film’s director, Olivia, was not mentioned at all in the post, and since then Florence seemed reluctant to discuss the film in any capacity, barely posting about it on her very active social media page.

It was also noted that Florence completely ignored a post made by Olivia honoring her work on the film.

But things weren’t really chaotic until last month, when Florence and Olivia gave interviews that directly contradicted each other’s views on do not worry my love.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar in August, Florence admitted that she was not satisfied with the overly sexual way the film was being marketed, with specific reference to a graphic sex scene included in the film’s trailer.

But Olivia had previously told Vogue that portraying female pleasure on screen was one of her priorities when making the film, and she was clearly thrilled when the clitoral test praised the trailer’s sex scene for “showing how it’s done.”

Speaking to Variety shortly after the Florence interview surfaced, Olivia countered her leading lady’s position by insisting that sex scenes were “an integral part” of the story after she boasted in the publication that “men don’t come in this movie.”

Olivia added, “Female fun, her best versions you see nowadays, are in queer movies.” “Why do we feel more comfortable with female pleasure when two women are in the movie? In the heterogeneous sex scenes in the movies, the focus on men as pleasure recipients is almost everywhere.”

Another strain of feud includes Shia LaBeouf, who was originally filmed in front of Florence back in 2020. He left the project abruptly before filming began and was replaced by Harry Styles.

While working together on the film, Olivia and Harry had a romantic relationship, which is said to have made Florence feel “uncomfortable”. It was also alleged that Florence was left to direct parts of the film herself because Olivia was too distracted by Harry.

In addition, Olivia has repeatedly claimed that she chose to let Shiites out of the film because Florence was not happy working with him and had a strict “no assholes” policy.

Last month, she told Variety that Shiites have “fighting energy,” so she let him off the project in order to “protect” Florence and make her feel “safe.”

But a few days after the interview was published, the Shiites retaliated by providing Variety with a series of receipts that apparently proved that he chose to leave. do not worry my love Because he felt that he did not have enough time to train.

The evidence included a video message sent to him by Olivia, in which she begged him to reconsider his decision to resign because she referred to Florence as “Miss Flo” and said she needed a “wake-up call”.

in the section that It was later leaked onlineOlivia told Shia, “I feel like I’m not ready to give up on this yet, and I’m also heartbroken and want to know. You know, I think this might be a wake-up call for Miss Flo, and I want to know if you’re open to giving this a shot with me.” , With us “.

“If you really stick, if you really put her mind and heart at this point, and if you can make peace — and I respect your point, I respect her — but if you guys can do that, what do you think of? Is there hope? Would you allow May I know?” she added.

While Florence has not publicly reacted to the leaked video, her stylist noted this in an Instagram post from the Venice Film Festival, which Florence liked.

Although the tension between the two women is now palpable, he was surprised to learn that it wasn’t always this way and when Florence was first cast in the movie, she called Olivia her “idol”.

Announcing the news on social media in 2020, Florence wrote: “oliviawilde put me in *Moments #1 *oliviawilde threw me in *Moments #2 *oliviawilde is my idol and she let me be. Be part of the amazing cast This.Shi’a?!?Chris??!?*Moments#3*”

A video clip from November 2019 once again showed how much Florence admires the director as she talks about her work with fellow actress Penny Feldstein.

in Variety’s Actors over actors In the series, Florence and Penny sat down together to discuss their careers, with Penny starring in Olivia’s directorial debut, Box Mart.

Unable to hide her feelings for Olivia at the time, Florence asked, “How did it feel to work with Olivia Wilde? Because I absolutely love her.”

Convinced that the two women would get along, Penny replied, “I think you and Olivia would be attracted to each other because she’s just as fearless as you two, and her work is great both on screen and off screen.”

Florence smiled and agreed: “I can say.”

This exchange has been gaining momentum on TikTok from the back of late do not worry my love Drama, with many people sharing their sympathy for Florence after she was apparently let down by someone she admired so much.

One person commented “This is sad for me :/”. Another commented, “Never meet your heroes.”

Another wrote: “Well, age wasn’t good, I did.” While it came in the fourth comment: “Serious shit must have come down for her to move from this to absolute silence.”

Shortly after the embarrassing premiere at the beginning of the month, Olivia sparked a backlash when she doubled down on her claim that she had expelled the Shiites – despite evidence he gave to the contrary.

The interview was conducted with Vanity Fair before Shia publicly announced his receipts, and the article read: “During pre-production, Wilde told me in London, Pugh told her she was uncomfortable with LaBeouf’s behavior. Wilde says she called LaBeouf herself and fired him.”

It was my responsibility to her. I’m like a mother wolf. Making the call was difficult, but in a way he understood, Olivia told the newspaper at the time. “I don’t think it’s going to be a process that I enjoy. He comes into his work with strength that could be combative. It wasn’t the spirit that I demand in my productions. I want him to improve and develop because I think it’s a huge loss for the film industry when a talented person is unable to work.”

When the journalist called after Shiites appeared to publicly refute Olivia’s account, Olivia claimed that the text screenshots he provided had been taken out of context and did not mention the leaked video clip.

One source also claimed that the Shiites asked Olivia to choose between him and Florence, and Vanity Fair reported that Olivia let the Shiites “believe what he wanted to believe: that he was quitting” in order to preserve his ego.

while, do not worry my love It was the second premiere in New York on Monday, which did not attend Florence, as well as her representative, Chris Pine.

Both cited other filming commitments for their absence, as Florence is currently working on it Dune: Part Two In Budapest, Chris shoots in Los Angeles.

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