Terry Francona, Buck Showalter Awards Manager of the Year Winner

The Baseball Writers Association of America announced the results of the Manager of the Year vote on Tuesday night. Guard captain Terry Francona earned the American League honor, while Buck Showalter earned the National League honor.

While Francona and Showalter are both veteran managers with decades of experience, they are in somewhat different situations for 2022. Francona is the longest-serving active manager with one team, having held the position in Cleveland since the start of the 2013 season. On the other hand, Showalter took the job at Queens last winter.

The two clubs were also on very different ends of the salary spectrum. Francona was tasked with overseeing a roster of young guards that were ranked near the bottom of the league in the player pay scale. Cleveland didn’t enter the season with particularly strong public expectations — at least among those outside the organization and its fan base — but the Guardians ran away with the AL Central in September after a fiercely contested run with the Twins and White Sox for the first five months. Cleveland finished the year 92-70 to claim their first division title since 2018.

Showalter inherited the polar opposite of a roster, one with very high expectations after an offseason spending spree that brought in a number of superstars. The Mets have come out empty of talented teams in the past, failing to reach the playoffs every year from 2017-21. That wasn’t a problem in 2022, as Showalter led the club to a 101-win season — his first year leading three figures since 1988. Finish The season was on a slightly sour note, as the Mets were swept in a three-game game that the Braves put together late in the year to blow a division lead that once exceeded 10 games. However, they still headed for a wild card anchorage.

Voting in both leagues has been hotly contested. In the AL, Francona is headlined by Baltimore’s Brandon Hyde and Seattle’s Scott Servier. Cleveland’s captain received 17 of 30 first-place votes, while Hyde received nine votes for helping him achieve an upset finish above . 500. Service received one first-place nod but appeared in 23 ballots total, while Dusty Baker of Houston had three first-place votes but only 13 ballots. Aaron Boone (Yankees) and Kevin Cash (Raise) also got some support.

Moving on to the NL, Showalter tied Dodgers’ Dave Roberts with eight first-place votes each. He edged out Roberts by 10 nods for second place and appeared on 25 ballots overall. Atlanta’s Brian Snicker was the other finalist, with seven first-place votes. Ollie Marmul (Cardinals) and Rob Thompson (Phillies) also got decent support, while Bob Melvin of San Diego got one vote in third.

Francona received the award for the third time in his career. Despite winning two World Series during his tenure at the Red Sox, he didn’t claim his first year manager’s nod until landing in Cleveland in 2013. He won again in 2018 and added a third to his resume, becoming the ninth man in history to do so.

Meanwhile, Showalter has won Manager of the Year four times – each for a different team. He had previously earned a nod in 1994 with the Yankees, 2004 with the Rangers and 2014 with the Orioles. Showalter joins Bobby Cox and Tony La Russa as the only four-time winner, and the only one to do so with four different organizations.

Full vote distribution: American League, National League

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