Mia Goth in Pearl and why you need to break the horror curse at the Oscars

EJ Moreno dives into Pearl’s unexpected journey to the Oscars…

“It must be me.”

Sitting at the big audition, Pearl repeated, “It should be me.” We see a young woman’s drive and passion for fame that she would do anything to achieve. While our sweet pearl does not play the role of her dreams, it does lead to a shocking delight for us viewers.

The most saved horror performance of the year comes from the role of Mia Goth who is now career-defining at Ti West’s Pearl. Part of a growing trilogy of Western films, Pearl As an introduction inspired by the seventies X which was released earlier in 2022. Set in the year 1918, we follow the story of the murderous and brilliant Pearl, played by Mia Goth. We were first introduced to the character in X, where Goth plays an older version of the role. She also plays Maxine in the movie Ti West’s XDouble service in the slasher.

While we spend time with Goth’s Pearl in X, we really get to know her in her titular film. The prequel highlights a lot of Pearl’s character traits, and shows how we eventually meet a terrifying old woman in the 1970s. Here we learn about her wants and desires, which leads to an insanely cool work of Goth.

Throughout the film, Pearl goes from a very troubled farm girl to a very troubled farm girl with a body count. but the Pearl The movie makes a simple slant premise into something more. This was like seeing what made Mrs. Voorhees what she was before the events of Friday 13; We get to dive deep into a woman who has gone crazy.

The pursuit of fame, anger over her living situation, and her sexual desires all drive Pearl to do some gruesome things, but Technicolor’s craziness is something you can’t look away from.

Ti West is known for traditional horror works, but he made a movie that goes beyond just horror and returns to iconic pieces like strait jacket And the Whatever happened to baby Jane.

Mia Goth has been chasing her through independent horror and arthouse films since her debut in 2013. Her debut in Lars von Trier rut Often overlooked, so is her role in 2017 cure for wellness. It wasn’t even X I came around so we saw them more than ever. She’s had notable roles before, but Ti West has found how to put her talents to perfect use.

Over the X, we see Goth playing the hungry young Maxine and the older Pearl. While her more youthful performance was a compelling role for Goth, she brought this to Pearl’s life, even through all of her prosthetics. You knew this character had a lot of things boiling under the surface. West did such an excellent job with her role that you wanted a prequel to find out what led her to it. Fortunately, West knew this was going to happen and simultaneously made Pearl.

Mia Goth is an absolute force in Pearl, which brings the titular character to life in a more compelling way than in the first entry. It brings back memories of Judy Garland and Joan Crawford…a true twisted innocence. This is an old Hollywood show of a movie full of Old Hollywood flair. And we all know that the Academy loves films that focus on this period.

As we get into the terrifying parts of the movie that could get in the way of loving any Academy Awards, it’s painfully clear that there are elements of this performance tailored to awards season. The entire film brings back memories of the golden age of cinema while featuring a new star. It’s a love letter to Technicolor films and classic character studies. It all revolves around Mia Goth’s outstanding performance.

don’t say Pearl Not a strong movie overall, but this is a one-woman show. It fills almost every movie frame, chewing on its moments but never making it feel like camp. The performance sounds quite subtle in tone and style, which brings much praise to the Gothic. While Pearl is a crazy woman, Guth brings sympathy to the role. You could easily paint it as a full-scale waco, but they never really went there. It is a tormented soul led down a dark path that eventually embraces him.

This performance takes you back to recent Academy Award winner, Joaquin Phoenix, in 2019 joker. He plays a dark, quirky, multi-layered role, which also appears in a genre that the Academy doesn’t normally like. It’s strange how similar Goth and Phoenix are in these roles, and it’s high praise for both actors.

Guth shines and proves worthy of a nomination with her eight-minute monologue, letting go of all her feelings. Pearl’s character is on the verge of a meltdown, and West makes the beautiful choice to focus the camera on Mia Goth’s stunning face. We feel every word like Howard yelling at her; She feels pain from her words. It’s a masterful performance and would easily work out the “Here’s why you should vote for me” type.

But here’s the sad part…The Oscars hate horror movies badly. Unless it’s your name Silence of the LambsYou don’t have a chance to get love from the most famous movie awards show. Even classics like jawsAnd the ExorcistAnd the the shining It was overlooked by the Academy.

While projects like beacon or Get out Made it to the big awards show, Peele even took a trophy for the latter, there were still some insanely overlooked shows and movies at the Oscars. In recent years, the bias against horror has been evident when prestige or “high horror” came into fashion, and we watched shows like never before. We saw Toni Collette in hereditaryLupita Nyong’o in weFlorence Beau Vi midsummer utterly shunned.

A24 has a proven track record at the Oscars, and it looks like they could have another great year with one of their other projects. Everything, everywhere, at once He’s probably a company darling, and it’s a good choice. But they also have a small engine that can help Pearl Performed by Mia Goth. There is a world of dreams where both Guth and Michelle Yeoh can represent the A24 genre films at the awards show.

As mentioned earlier, Pearl It has the advantage of feeling like a tribute to the films the Academy tends to admire. It also hits a lot of other notes that the traditional Oscar contender needs: We see an actress breaking up in a crazy role, namely, Glenn Close in Fatal attractionKathy Bates in miseryNatalie Portman in black Swan. Portman’s performance may be the best case for pointing out why Perl is doing this. It’s a dark horror movie from a young filmmaker and actress who finally gets a chance to shine. Whatever campaign they made in 2010 to get it black Swan And Natalie Portman who won, A24 should follow that to Mia Guth in Pearl.

We’re also in an age when the Oscars desperately need viewership, and horror fans will finally have fun if they feel like cast in the biggest award show. see how Black PantherLady Gaga and even joker Increased ratings and general interest in the offer. Mia Goth’s star-making performance in Pearl It will not only attract fans of this genre of films, but also give the usual award-winning viewers an introduction to a solid performance in a stellar film.

There’s a part of me that feels like the Internet and horror fans can do it. Online campaigns push shows or movies to other levels, and Pearl It needs this kind of support.

Mia Goth did three shows in one year, set in the same movie universe, and she played nearly three very different characters, which isn’t a habit these days. For that, you need time to shine, and we want to see what Pearl You can do with true love.

Hey, Academy, give horror a chance and, more specifically, give Mia Goth the nomination she deserves.

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